The MurderHobos

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Fiann the Cursebreaker (pronounced Fee-en) is a half-human sorceror who's father was an unknown creature from the Astral Plane. Fiann's mission is to seek justice for Dreg, the usurper of Greenwood, Fiann's homeland. He plays bass with our merry band.

Nils the Monk has a penchant for Elven wine and the coarse beards of Dwarven lasses. Defrocked for his heretical antics (spurred on by his alcoholism), he roams from town to town turning tricks and the undead for food and drink. He mans 2nd trumpet and lilts from afar.

Lindellowyn earned her magical trombone in the Coliseum where she bested the beast of the East in a battle of wits. Her tongue was sacrificed as a material component in a ritual to atone for the sins of her village after a child stole from a demon travelling in disguise, but she's good people.

Herb the Emerald Dragon plays lead trumpet, and although nobody remembers when or how a dragon joined the party, Herb swears that he started jamming with us one night at the The Gryphon's Taint Tavern and we invited him to join us after the set. Herb is like no other, in that he has a tendency of accidentally setting things around him on fire. He says he joined the party to earn coin to keep packing his stinky pipe.

Lord Man-Candy likes moving and grooving when he isn't taking long walks on the beach with his dog. He, like Shandolf, enjoys bludgeoning things in a rhythmic manner.

Shandolf the Magnificent, or Shandolf the Shady as some may call him, is a first-rate sheister. His illusions are so good he has convinced HIMSELF that he is a real wizard (he's not.). He hits things with sticks wields the Staff of Synthesis and is a surprisingly adroit singer.

Urg hates Goblins. Urg wields staff of shredding. Urg pretends to sing but really just talks loud.

Atmos the Stray, on his never-ending quest for the great truth, had a dream that the saxophone was a path to enlightenment. It turns out, however, that he was just really drunk and overheard a siren peddling sex-on-the-foam. Now he has a saxophone and there isn’t a mermaid in sight.

Harriet adventures with the party when not sailing the high seas! She wields a violin with great bravado.

Ben plays mandolin and sings! Nobody knows much about Ben, but when we do--we'll let you know right here!

A ruddy bundle of ragged animal pelts smelling of 3 week old decaying cheese curds and broccoli pudding your cousin puked up after yesteryear eve stands before you. He carries a saxophone made of dragon bone!
A mysterious woman smelling of seaweed and donning a thick velvet cloak holding a violin stands before you. She looks like she could beat you up.
A mysterious traveler wearing unfamiliar garb sits in the back behind everyone else just out of view. He is tuning a mandolin.

nerd rock.